Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder (Pros, Cons, and Customer Reviews)

Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder pros cons

Introducing Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder: The Solution for Busy Cat Owners

Are you a busy cat owner struggling to provide a consistent and healthy diet for your furry friend? Look no further than the Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder. Designed with your needs in mind, this innovative pet feeder offers convenience and peace of mind.

Overview Of Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder 

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Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder 

The rating is 4.4 out of 5

The Inspiration Behind Ymiko: How it All Began

Imagine being a bank teller with limited time to dedicate to your beloved cat. 

That’s the story of Victor Hu, the founder of Ymiko. 

He faced the same challenge of ensuring his cat, Timi, received the proper nutrition despite his busy schedule. 

Frustrated with the lack of suitable options available, Victor took matters into his own hands.

From Banker to Cat Feeder Innovator

Driven by his determination to help fellow cat owners, Victor started Ymiko in 2017.

He aimed to develop an AUTOMATIC cat feeder that would provide the ideal solution for those who couldn’t always be present to feed their pets. 

The feeder underwent several improvements until it met Victor’s high standards, ultimately gaining popularity among his neighbors.

Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews


  •  Smooth Food Dispensing: Say goodbye to clogs with the anti-clogging design, providing a hassle-free feeding experience.
  • Enhanced Feeding Control: Take advantage of the 4 programmable feeding time settings, ensuring a regulated and consistent feeding schedule for your pets.
  •  Food Types: such as dry kibbles, freeze-dried food, and air-Dried kibbles
  • Reliable Power Options: Enjoy the convenience of a dual power supply, with both a 5V DC adapter and battery backup, ensuring continuous operation even during power outages.
  • Secure and Accessible: The sliding lock lid provides a secure closure while ensuring convenient access for food replenishment.
  •  Easy Setup & Maintenance: Experience hassle-free setup and effortless cleaning with easy-to-follow instructions and simple wipe-down maintenance.
  • Convenient Food Monitoring: Keep track of food levels with the visible frosted hopper, allowing you to easily gauge when it’s time for a refill.
  • Personalized Interaction: Engage with your furry friends using the 10-second voice recording feature, creating a special bond during mealtime.

👍 Pros

  • Backup Power Feature: Stay worry-free with the battery backup option, ensuring uninterrupted feeding during power interruptions.
  •  Dim Blue Light: The subtle blue light eliminates brightness concerns, preventing disruption and early morning awakenings.
  • Interactive Voice Recording: Make mealtime engaging by recording personalized meal call, so you can keep in touch with your pets.
  •  Customizable Portion Sizes: Tailor the feeder to your cat’s needs by adjusting the portion sizes according to their dietary requirements.
  •  Ample Capacity: The generous 3L capacity accommodates a significant amount of food, reducing the need for frequent refills.
  •  Multiple Meals: Easily program up to 4 meals per day, allowing for flexible feeding schedules.
  • Portion Control: Effectively manage your cat’s portions, making it ideal for maintaining a healthy weight.
  •  Accurate Timer: The programmable timer ensures timely meal delivery, eliminating the need for early morning wake-ups.

👎 Cons

  •  Setup Challenges: Certain customers found the initial setup process confusing, necessitating additional effort and patience.
  •  Lack of Portion Size Information: The feeder’s instructions did not provide clear guidance on portion sizes, requiring experimentation and adjustment.
  •  Allergen Contamination Risk: There were instances where users received used products with crumbs from other cat food, posing potential allergen risks.
  • Inconsistent Portion Sizes: Some users reported irregular portion sizes, requiring careful monitoring and adjustment.
  • Top-Heavy Design: The feeder’s design makes it susceptible to being easily knocked over by cats, potentially causing spills and disruptions.

Please note that these benefits, pros, and cons are based on user feedback and experiences, and individual experiences may vary.

Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder Features

What are the special features that make it stand out?



  1. Personalized Voice Recording
  2. Easy Setup & Cleaning
  3. Programmable Feeding Time Settings
  4. Dual Power Supply & Anti-Clogging Design
  5. Generous Capacity
  6. Food Grade Material: Safe and healthy feeding experience

1- Personalized Voice Recording

 Bond with your furry companions using the 10-second voice recording feature. 

Simply unlock the LCD screen, press and hold the mic button for 5 seconds, and record a personalized message. 

Your kitties and poodles will be delighted to hear your voice calling them for mealtime.

2- Easy Setup & Cleaning

Setting up the feeder is a breeze. 

We will talk about programming the feeder later in this article.

To maintain cleanliness, remember to never submerge the machine in liquid. 

Use a damp cloth to clean the inside of the hopper. It’s that simple!

3- Programmable Feeding Time Settings

 Take control of your pet’s feeding schedule with the Ymiko automatic cat feeder. 

Using the convenient LCD screen and buttons, you can easily program up to 4 meals in advance. 

No more waking up to hungry meows at 5:00 in the morning. 

Let the feeder dispense up to 9 portions of pet food at the perfect times.

4- Dual Power Supply & Anti-Clogging Design

Rest assured that your beloved pets will never miss a meal. 

The Ymiko automatic feeder comes with a 5V DC adapter for continuous power supply and can also be powered by 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (not included) as a backup. 

The anti-clogging design ensures a smooth and uninterrupted food dispensing experience.

5- Generous Capacity

With a 3L or 12.7 Cups capacity, this feeder ensures that your pet’s food remains fresh for an extended period. 

It has been meticulously tested in our lab, proving to provide an adult cat with 15 consecutive days of food and meeting the demands of a small-sized adult dog for 7 days.

 Say goodbye to constant refilling!

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Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder Specifications

Discover the Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder: 

A reliable, feature-rich solution designed to cater to your pet’s needs.

Here are the product specifications:

MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
BrandYmiko – A Name You Can Trust
Recommended Uses:Automatic pet feeder for cats, dogs, and small pets (Convenience at its best)
Product WeightLightweight at 2.75 pounds – Easy to handle and transport
Warranty DescriptionOne Year Limited Warranty
ColorClean and elegant White – Complements any home decor
Capacity12.7 Cups – Ample space for food storage
Operation ModeAutomatic – Ensures precise and timely feeding
BreedSuitable for all breed sizes – Universally accommodating
Age RangeSuitable for all life stages – From kittens to senior cats

The Storage Capacity Of The Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder

We talked about this before but it is worth repeating.

The ymiko Automatic pet feeder is designed to simplify the feeding process, ensuring your cat receives the right amount of food at scheduled intervals. 

With a programmable timer and a capacity of 3L/12.7 cups, you can customize portion sizes and meal times to suit your cat’s needs.

As we all know Cat’s Well-being is a top Priority

At Ymiko, they understand the importance of maintaining a healthy diet for your feline companion.

Ymiko Cat Feeder Programming

How do you unlock a ymiko cat feeder?

It is a straightforward process.

Start with ymiko cat feeder time set.

Simply press and hold the unlock button for 3 seconds to unlock the screen. Then, press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds to set the current time.

After that, program the meals using the user-friendly LCD screen and buttons.

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Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder Portion Size

How many portions can the Ymiko Automatic Feeder dispense per meal?

Actually, It can dispense up to 9 portions, providing flexibility and convenience.

What is the size of each portion? 

Each portion is approximately 7g, allowing you to control the amount of food your cat receives.

Why is this important? 

With customizable portion sizes, you can ensure that your cat gets the right amount of food at each meal, promoting a healthy diet and weight management.

How does it work? 

The feeder’s programmable timer enables you to set the perfect times for each meal, while the capacity of 3L/12.7 cups ensures that you have ample space to accommodate the portion sizes your cat needs.

Ultimately, Why choose the Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder? 

The Ymiko Automatic Pet Feeder offers the convenience of 4 meals per day, 9 portions per meal, and 7g per portion. 

It allows you to tailor the portion sizes to match your cat’s unique dietary requirements. 

This makes it an ideal choice for conscientious pet owners.

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Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder User Manual

You can find the Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder user manual here.

Inside the user manual, you will discover a wide range of information about the feeder, including:

  • What’s in the Box
  • How to Use
  • Product Diagram
  • Screen Details
  • Specifications
  • Button Function
  • Safety Precautions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cleaning & Care
  • Warranty

The user manual is a comprehensive guide that provides all the necessary information to ensure a smooth and successful experience with your Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder.

Ymiko Cat Feeder Error Codes

We currently do not have any updated information about the ymiko cat feeder error codes.

We are actively working on gathering trustworthy and updated information regarding the error codes.

Please stay tuned and follow up on this article for future updates.

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Ymiko Automatic Pet Feeder Video 

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Is It Possible For The Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder To Schedule More Than Two Meals?

Absolutely! The Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder is designed to provide flexibility in meal scheduling. 

With its user-friendly LCD screen and buttons, you can easily program up to four meals in advance. 
This means you can customize your cat’s feeding schedule to suit their specific needs, ensuring they receive the right amount of food at the right times throughout the day.

What Is The Limit Of The Kibble Piece’s Size?

The feeder can accommodate kibble pieces that are between 2-12mm.

This means that most pet food available on the market with standard-sized kibble should work perfectly fine with the feeder. 

It is important to ensure that the kibble pieces are within this size limit to prevent any clogging or dispensing issues. 

Keeping the kibble size in check will ensure a smooth and reliable feeding process for your cat

How Do I Adjust The Manual Feeding Sequence To Reduce The Portion Size From 8 to 5?

The Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder does not offer specific instructions or a video on how to adjust the portion size in the manual feeding sequence. 

The portion size adjustment feature is typically available for the automatic feeding sequence, allowing you to customize the portion size for programmed meals. 

However, for manual feedings, the portion size may not be adjustable. 

It’s important to consult the user manual for detailed information on the specific features and capabilities of the Ymiko Feeder to understand the available options for adjusting portion sizes in different feeding sequences.

Can I Use The Feeder More Than A Week?

The Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder can be used for more than a week, depending on the feeding settings. 

When filled to the top and programmed for three meals per day at level 5, it can typically last a little over a week. 

However, please note that the exact duration may vary based on factors such as portion sizes and meal frequency. 

It’s important to adjust the settings to meet your cat’s specific needs and ensure an adequate food supply throughout the desired period.

What Is The Size Of A Single Portion?

Each individual portion dispensed by the Ymiko Feeder measures 1 tablespoon. 

This ensures precise and controlled serving sizes for your feline companion.

What Type Of Power Supply Does The Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder Require?

The feeder can be powered by a 5V DC adapter, which is included with the feeder. 

It also offers the option of using 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (not included) as a backup power source. 

This allows you to choose the power supply that suits your needs and provides flexibility in case of power outages or when you need to use the feeder in locations without access to electrical outlets.

How Much Food Can It Hold For Several Days?

The feeder has a generous capacity of 3L/12.7 cups, allowing it to hold a significant amount of food. 

The actual number of days’ worth of food it can hold will depend on your specific feeding settings. 

For example, one user shared their experience of setting the feeder to dispense 3 portions four times a day during a 5-day vacation, and they still had plenty of food left. 

The feeder’s large capacity and customizable portion sizes make it suitable for accommodating your cat’s needs over several days without frequent refilling.

How Do I Reset The Clock?

Resetting the clock on the Ymiko Feeder is a simple process. To begin, access the settings menu by navigating through the control panel.

 Once you’re in the settings, locate the option to adjust the clock. 

Follow the instructions provided in the user manual or on-screen prompts to set the correct time. 

Please note that the clock on the feeder is typically set in military time format, so keep that in mind while making adjustments.

Are Automatic Food Dispensers Good For Cats?

Automatic food dispensers can be a good idea for cats, especially for pet parents with irregular work hours or those who want to streamline their feeding routine.
They can help discourage early-morning begging and are useful in multi-pet homes with a prescription or age-specific diet. 

However, they may not be ideal for anxious cats or for trips longer than 1-2 days without someone checking in. 

It’s important to use them with regular supervision and not rely on them as a substitute for proper care and attention.

Is There A Way To Split Meals For Two Cats Using An Adapter?

Unfortunately, there isn’t.

Is It Permissible To Use It For More Than One Week?

Yes, you can use the feeder for more than one week. The duration of use will depend on the feeding settings you choose. 

Typically, when filled to the top with 3 feedings per day at level 5, it can last for a little over a week. 

However, it’s important to note that the actual duration may vary depending on factors such as the portion size and your cat’s specific feeding needs. 

It’s always recommended to monitor the food levels and ensure an adequate supply is available for your cat.

How Do I Feed My Cat Wet Food On Vacation?

I recommend using an automatic wet food dispenser.

Final Thought

We invite you to join the Ymiko family and discover the convenience and peace of mind provided by this Automatic Cat Feeder. 

With this feeder, you can bid farewell to concerns about missed feedings or inconsistent meal times. 

Place your trust in Ymiko to deliver a dependable and effective feeding solution for your cherished cat.

Enhance Your Cat’s Feeding Journey with Ymiko Automatic Cat Feeder


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